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Company Profile

At Superyacht Insurance Brokers we have a strong passion for boats and the sea. A lifetime of sailing all over the world, combined with owning and refitting a number of yachts, has greatly enhanced our expertise in the international yacht insurance sector. 

Now over 35 years since beginning our adventure in the yacht insurance business, we have opened our most prestigious specialty yacht insurance brokerage ever! Throughout our journey our experience and passion has always given us an edge over our competition – few of whom are experienced sailors with a lifetime sailing the globe. 

Our years of hard work, dedication to the highest levels of service, and an undying commitment to our clients have culminated in this fantastic new enterprise!  We have exceptionally broad and extensive access to the best underwriters at Lloyd’s of London as well as the many other International Marine Yacht Insurance Markets in London. We can insure yachts navigating worldwide up to $500 million and provide Protection & Indemnity Liability Coverage up to $1Bn, as well as provide the very best products for the many associated and supplementary yacht insurance coverages. 

We are committed to providing the very best top quality customer service, with the utmost integrity and discretion. One of the first things I was taught in my insurance career was to always be guided by “Uberrima Fides” and to exercise “Utmost Good Faith” in all of my dealings – this resonated with me and has been my foundation ever since.

We insure only the best luxury yachts and the best superyacht owners, who deserve the very best in all regards. We provide the highest levels of personalised concierge service anywhere.

Robert (Bob) Raymond, CAIB
CEO / Founder

This site uses cookies. You can read how we use them in our Privacy Policy