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Other than some peace of mind – your superyacht insurance may not seem worth very much until you need it.

Nothing is more important than how your yacht insurance performs in a loss – and you deserve the best. Policies and underwriters vary greatly in scope, nature, dependability and character. It is our job to obtain the best coverage possible and place it with the most secure underwriters who are known for excellent, fast & fair claim settlement.

The price of your coverage is always very important, but it is not the only point to consider when buying superyacht insurance. Very high net worth individuals know the value of quality and when buying quality superyacht insurance the overall value vs cost proposition needs to be well considered. A wise man once said “If you were unfortunate enough to find yourself going to court where the cost of your losses could be catastrophic, would you hire the cheapest lawyer you could find to represent you?” The same applies with yacht insurance, the international yacht insurance market is a competitive place but price alone is not the way to buy coverage. At times we find our competition selling on price alone, focused on quick profits rather than providing the very best advice and service. We are at the other end of the scale – we are 100% focused on quality and customer service. We are confident that having the utmost integrity and commitment to our customers’ service is the only way to conduct business.

In a claim we will assist and advise you every step of the way, from finding the right underwriter to place your coverage with in the beginning, to guiding & counselling you throughout the claim process. And we will always be your strongest advocates with underwriters.

As always – we are very happy to travel long distances to meet with our clients. We will be there whenever needed.

For Emergency Claims call our 24 hour line: +44 (0) 20 3053 8612

This site uses cookies. You can read how we use them in our Privacy Policy